Look and Feel Good With the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

July 26, 2014

Wearing sunglasses that offer style along with the maximum amount of protection has its benefits. From decreasing dry eyes to just looking good, sunglasses are worth their weight in gold. Sunglasses provide a variety of benefits. They protect our eyes from glare, ultraviolet rays, and debris. But it doesn't stop there. The reasons just keep adding up:

• Decrease dry eyes. Many individuals across the nation experience dry eye syndrome, especially those who spend time in windy environments, dry climates, and are exposed to a great deal of sun. Sunglasses help protect against dry eyes by blocking the wind and dust that otherwise could fly into your eyes. Wrap-around style sunglasses are even more effective to protect against dust and foreign objects.

• Safe from debris. If working in an environment where airborne debris is a concern, like a construction area, tinted goggles, protective glasses, or even sunglasses with the required industry safety rating can help keep your eyes free from harm.

• Experience less eye strain. Being in the sunlight for extended periods of time can cause eye strain and squinting. Wearing sunglasses will benefit your vision by allowing you to see more clearly, which helps your eyes feel less tired. By reducing squinting, your chances of developing wrinkles around your eyes is reduced as well!

• Glare and driving. Often times when traveling, the glare from the sunlight onto your windshield or from other vehicles can be very dangerous. Many people die each year in automobile accidents due to drivers who could not see because of glare. By wearing sunglasses while driving you reduce your risk of having an accident because of glare and squinting, making it less risky for you and those around you.

• Look and feel good. Sunglasses have been proven to make you look and feel good. Aside from the fact that they may give you that look of being stylish, trendy, and sophisticated, sunglasses also suggest that you are confident and feel good about yourself. If you are into style and the latest trends, sunglasses can help you achieve just the look you want!

When shopping for the right pair of sunglasses, be certain to pay attention to the UV protection. Your best bet is to look for a pair that blocks more or all UV. It may even be beneficial to have an optician test your glasses to determine how much UV light is blocked. Any scratches and abrasions can wear down UV coating over time and make them less effective/protective.

The larger the frame of your sunglasses the better, and wrap-around styles are the best as they keep the sunlight and UV rays out from the side. But be aware; just because your sunglasses may have very dark lenses does not necessarily mean they are more protective of your eyes. If you spend any amount of time outdoors it is imperative to wear a pair of sunglasses that block as many UV rays as possible. This is particularly true for children. Over exposure of UV radiation on your eyes can have detrimental effects later in life such as cataracts, dry eyes, cancer on the eyelid and around the eyes, benign growths on the surface of the eye, and even melanoma of the eye.

The benefits of wearing sunglasses are numerous. Take some time when shopping to be certain you choose the style that is best for you with the highest level of UV protection. Wearing them now will benefit you in the future by reducing your chances of developing eye conditions or problems. Take care of your eyes just as you do your home, car, or family. Protect them from the potential dangers of Mother Nature while looking fabulous in the summer sun!

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