Protect Your Eyes With Proper Use of Contact Lenses

July 05, 2014

Contact lenses are a popular choice for those who are required to wear prescription glasses on a daily basis. They offer you the freedom to enjoy sports and other activities, without the inconvenience of wearing specs.

This option is a top choice with adults around the world, enabling them to enjoy the convenience of good sight and still wear sunglasses, lie on the beach without wearing specs or enjoy a day of cycling without worrying about damaging their prescription glasses.

It is important to keep a pair of glasses on you at all times, as the contact lenses can irritate your eyes, resulting in you having to remove them for a while. In many cases you will need to remove them at night and having a pair of specs at hand can be exceptionally useful.

In order to protect your eyes at all times, it's important you always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses. The contact lenses also have to be kept clean. When you purchase them through your optician, you will be given a case for them and solution. You need to place the solution in each cup and then place your lenses in the clean solution when not in use. Seal each cup to ensure they are kept safe.

There are a wide option available from daily to monthly options. Your optician will tell you how long you can wear them for during each day. If you have been told to not exceed twelve hours a day, ensure you remove them on time to avoid any unwelcome complications.

Never wear someone else's contact lenses. If you're at work and your lens falls out and you can't find it, don't take your colleague up on their offer to wear theirs. Rather ensure you have your specs in your bag and change over to those until you can get a replacement.

Don't sleep with your lenses in. After a dinner party with friends, it's so tempting to just throw yourself into bed, but ensure you take the necessary precautions to protect your eyes first. It doesn't matter how exhausted you are, you need to put new solution in the lens case, wash your hands, remove the lenses and seal up the case before falling into bed.

The great news is when you choose contact lenses you have complete freedom, so you can wear the latest trends in sunglasses. In fact, sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes when wearing these items.

Always keep your lenses well lubricated. Most wearers will carry an eye drop bottle of saline with them at all times. Lenses can dry out while in your eyes, depending on which ones you have been given. This can cause them to become uncomfortable and a drop of saline in each eye, can reduce the discomfort and keep them well lubricated.

If you're traveling and have forgotten your lens case, ensure you head to the nearest optician to purchase one. Never leave your lenses dry, they must always be well lubricated with clean solution.

When you feel your eyes getting irritated, the most important thing is not to rub them. Secondly remove your lenses and put on your specs for a while. If you have irritation on a daily or regular basis, visit your optician for further advice and support.

Finally, always replace your lenses on schedule. Most of them are for monthly use and you should never exceed this time frame. Being out by a day or two isn't a concern, but never wear monthlies for two months or more, they should be replaced on time to ensure your eyes are protected at all times.

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