Why Choose Daily Contact Lenses Over Others

May 15, 2014

Many people nowadays wear contact lenses for the eyes to be fully functional or sometimes for the sake of fashion. Most of these people choose to wear daily contact lenses or the disposable contacts. This type of contacts is made to be worn for only a day and is disposed of after using it for a day.

Since this type of contact lens was invented, it became the most popular among the types of lenses. Contacts like these are also available for people with astigmatism, myopia and presbyopia.

Some people say that wearing daily disposable contact lenses are better than wearing the traditional contacts. This is because it is regularly replaced; therefore it has less possibility of building a layer of protein, calcium and lipids on the lenses of the eyes which may lead to an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes. If eyes are susceptible to allergic reactions, disposable lenses are the best choice.

Building up of protein in the eyes is the most common regular problem in wearing contacts. It can be seen in a white form or cloudy marks on the surface of the contacts which will cause a blurred vision and an uncomfortable feeling on the eyes. Although it can be controlled by proper care and cleaning of the contacts, if the solution used in cleaning is not clean or if contacts are not worn properly then it is certain that the eyes may get infected.

Traditional contacts are needed to be cleaned with solutions everyday in order to lessen the possibility of infection of bacteria in the eyes, although there is still a chance of being infected, just like cleaning the lenses without cleaning the hands first or maybe the solution for cleaning the lenses are infected. On the contrary, daily contact lenses does not need cleaning routine every day since it is disposed of daily, that is why the eyes will not easily get infected or develop infections.

Most eye care practitioners also recommend the wear of disposable contacts to people who use lenses. The prices of this type of lenses mostly cost a dollar a day which is a bit expensive than traditional contacts, in spite of its price, it is worth the money of the people who chooses to get the most healthy and comfortable feeling from wearing contacts and of the people who wants to prevent their eyes from getting infections.

On the other side, another great thing about wearing disposable contacts is you will no longer need to buy solutions to clean your lenses every day. It lessens your cost and also keeps you away from infections.

To wrap things up, daily contact lenses are more advantageous to wear unlike the conventional or the traditional ones. As stated in the reasons mentioned above, it is safer to wear unlike the other types of lenses and in order to avoid and prevent the eyes from being infected with bacteria. So if you choose the safe and healthy way of taking care of your eyes while wearing contacts then disposable lenses is the best choice there is.

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