From Fashion to Function, Eyeglass Frames Make the Difference

February 20, 2014

When it comes to our eyes and visual health, everyone knows that good, clear vision is absolutely necessary. With a modern fast-paced lifestyle people can no longer skim by with a blurry world view. People need sharp and clear vision to drive, work, and play safely, not to mention just too fully appreciate the beauty of the world around them. Current lifestyles include hours of gazing at computer monitors, cell phone screens, and numerous other electronic display devices that can tax and torment even the best vision. That is what makes eye health so important. Not everyone has naturally perfect vision, and for those who do not, eyeglasses may be the way to a clearer, more focused life.

When it comes to eyeglass frames there is a huge market dedicated to selling people the types of frames that will best fit their needs. In most cases a person shops for "just the right frames" that fits their particular character and persona. Style is very important; like it or not, people judge other people based on how they present themselves, and the kind of eyewear someone is wearing is one of the first things people tend to notice. So it stands to reason that stylish eyeglasses make more of an everyday impact than most people consciously realize. There are thousands of frame styles to choose from, and no matter where a person may live they have access to a tremendous range of frames that covers the gamut from functionally simple to over-the-top outrageous.

Finding the right style and design that fits and is complementary to their facial features may be hard for some individuals to judge on their own. If you've found yourself struggling with this task in the past, next time invite a friend or family member along to help choose the frames and provide feedback as to which frames they think look best. If you're not comfortable with that option, you will certainly find expert help from the employees of the eye care business you are shopping at. Eye care professionals who stock a wide range of frame styles know what is currently trending. They also have the skills and expertise acquired from years of helping people of all ages and lifestyles through the frame selection process. Their help can be invaluable as they know what style may best fit your fashion needs and function best with the types of lenses you require.

Style is important, no doubt about that, but when it comes to a proper frame selection style may not be the first concern a person should consider. Frames simply hold the lenses in place, and a proper frame may be dictated primarily by a person's lifestyle and career. A modernized, thin wire frame may look good and exude elegant style on an individual, but if that person is a construction worker or employed in a field that requires protective lenses, they may need to settle for a sturdier frame that properly supports the lenses and provides the required protective strength to safeguard the individual.

Perhaps you find yourself in the situation of needing two sets of frames simply because one set of eyewear just doesn't transition appropriately between your professional life and leisure activities. An office worker would probably not wish to wear prescription eyewear with a wraparound elastic band that is meant to keep the lenses from falling off someone's face during intense sporting activities. Nor would that person wear their stylish fashion frames while water skiing or snowboarding when lenses to guard against sun, glare and UV exposure are needed as well as frames that can withstand impact.

From fashion to function, eyeglass frames make the difference, and the correct set of frames can make a stylish statement for the person while affording them the safety required for their particular pursuits and occupation.

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