Does Your Eye Color Give Away Your Personality?

November 09, 2011

Most think hair color determines the type of person you are, but in reality, eye colour plays a bigger role then hair colour in judging your character. As the saying goes "the eyes are a window to ones soul.", but is this really true? There is some science that takes into account shape, size and eye colour and with some accuracy, can predict what type of personality a person is.

No two people have exactly the same eye colour, but to generalize, we see groups of brown, blue, green and hazel. As a rough guess-timate, we know that people recognize that eye color defines ones personality. We know this because people have been known to change their eye colour via contacts. But why? Let's examine each eye colour.

Hazel eyes are somewhere between brown and green. The colour represents spontaneous, friendly and fun loving. Depending on the shade, it determines how approachable you are. More brown represents that you are more approachable where as more green represents you are more mischievous. What is fascinating is that typically, hazel eyes will change colour depending on the mood the person is in. Bluish green represents sexuality and brownish green represents intelligence. You should think of people with hazel eyes as unpredictable and fun!

Eyes that are green in colour are very mysterious and sexy. You won't find a lot of people with green eyes, as this colour is rare. People often confuse green with hazel green. Because cats tend to have green eyes, a cat's personality is used to describe a green eyed person. It is this reason why green eyed persons are not trusted, but found sneaky and sexy. Green is definitely the sexiest of all eye colors.

Historically, throughout the ages, blue eyes have been the most desirable. It is a recessive gene and that is why a baby's eyes are typically blue. Because of this, blue eyes are reflective of youth and fertility. Blue eyes also represent innocence and carefree.

Brown eyes are a more mature eye color and represent stability, security and strength. It also represents sweetness, conservatism and trustworthy. Brown eyed people are typically seen as plain and less desirable unless they are looking for security and safety. Just think of the words of many sayings and songs and you will find this to be true.

Now, don't run out and change your eye color to try to be someone else. Your true self will shine through, no matter what contacts you have on. Be yourself, don't change for anyone and accept yourself for who you are. Your eye color is unique and fits your personality so don't try to be someone else.

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