Why Should You Wear Reading Glasses?

October 21, 2011

You do not really love wearing glasses, do you? Well, you might have very good reasons to throw your tongue out whenever advised to wear reading glasses. And one of them might be the fact that you think the people who wear glasses are pure dorks and nerds. Only techies who dig burrows in those voluminous books wear glasses. To be cool you need to chuck out those thick, heavy rimmed eye wear, and settle for contacts.

But what if you cannot move around for the whole day with rubber flaps pasted on your eye balls? What if while putting them on, you clumsily jab your eye and curse your stars for being so slouchy in everything that you do? Before you start your grouchy ranting, have you actually thought how well off you are, for having been born in an age where the remedies for most of the problems lie just on the doorstep?

Have you cared about how our very early ancestors managed to hunt for food when they suffered from near or far sightedness? Have you ever thought how they could have run after animals while tripping over stones that lay in their way since they missed them because of their vision inaccuracy? But for you, we have a terrific solution: reading glasses.

o Our eye lenses contain strong fibers. Over the years, the cells on the eye lenses congregate and overlap, and fibers start to grow elastic. Soon you start to squint at the newspapers or books or anything else that you read. To cure your eyes of this squinting-gaze-syndrome, you need reading glasses!

o When your eyes start to feel strained whenever you are reading something or even watching the T.V., go to an Optometrist and have your eyes checked up. The doctor will offer you the prescription for glasses or contact lenses. But if you are already wearing glasses, you need to check whether your 'power' is changing or not. For most people, the power of their eyes keeps on increasing, and therefore it is necessary to pay the eye doctor another visit and get a new pair of eyeglasses.

o The other sign that tells you loud and clear that you need to have your eyes checked by the eye doctor is when you are holding the newspaper or book or magazine far away from yourself to read. You try to hold it as far as the outstretched hand of yours will allow, and at one point of time, even that will not be enough. Then you will have to pay the Optometrist a visit, and get for yourself a pair of glasses.

o It is essential that you do not loiter around once your eyes start to pain; instead of lazing around and simply wishing your troubles away, you must really go have your eyes checked up. Never leave the problem for tomorrow, or else it might be too late.

o If you thought that wearing reading glasses will make you look like one of those mad scientists with hair as pitiful as a mop and whom the entire world has shunned away, you would be wrong! The reading glasses come in various sizes and designs, and you can have your pick from the huge array of frames that are displayed. Decide on the one that will suit you the most.

o One of the models even includes a foldable reader that is as tiny and compact as a pen drive. The holders that they come with are small enough to fit into your wallet or purse. You can even find the models displayed online.

It is good to use reading glasses and thus take care of your eyes. You can even use the coolest models that you like best and this way, not only will it be possible for you to read, but you will also be stunning to look at!

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