The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

October 17, 2011

Many people who are faced with vision problems turn to contact lenses as a means to remedy the problem. A contact lens is designed to fit over top of your cornea and wearing contacts can be an effective treatment for eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness, hyperopia is farsightedness, presbyopia is a need for bifocals and astigmatism is distorted vision. Your contact lenses will be designed specifically to correct your vision deficiency, and even though clear vision and proper eye function are the primary goals of any corrective eyewear, it isn't the only benefit you will get from wearing contact lenses.

With contacts, you get the benefit of corrected vision, without anyone having to know that you're wearing anything at all if you don't want them to. Because a contact lens is worn directly on your eye, your complete field of vision is in focus, which is a big benefit when you're driving or playing fast paced sports and need to see all the way around. The ability to see as you would naturally increases your safety, and can increase your performance.

Contact lenses also provide a benefit in the lifestyle category. The fact that they provide a completely natural look means that you don't have to alter your wardrobe or style choices based on the fact you are wearing them. You can just wear whatever style or colours you normally would, and the contacts won't take away from the overall look. You can also give your appearance a boost by using coloured contact lenses. A coloured contact can either enhance your natural eye colour, or give you a whole new eye colour entirely. If you pair your wardrobe colours properly with the colour of your contacts, you can make your eyes really stand out.

Even though all contacts may look the same to the casual observer, you do have a little flexibility when it comes time to make your choice. Generally, you can choose between soft contacts or hard contacts. Each type has its benefits, with soft contact lenses usually feeling a little more comfortable while they're in place and hard contacts being more durable. Your eye doctor can help you choose which style is the right one for you, as opinions will vary from person to person. Most people will gravitate toward soft lenses as they are available in daily disposable and extended wear varieties.

The benefits of daily disposable type of contacts are that the care and cleaning that many people find frustrating is completely unnecessary. Daily contact lenses are designed to be thrown out at the end of each day, so you won't have to mess around with solutions or worrying about whether your contacts are going to dry out or not. Daily disposable contacts are good for people who are just starting out with contacts or people who aren't sure if they want to commit to them long term, as they are also less expensive than extended wear contact lenses.

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