Common Eye Problems And Injuries And How To Prevent Them

September 21, 2011

Like all parts of your body, your eyes must be taken care of. Imagine having to go through life not being able see, or not being able to see well. Every single thing you do requires your eyes. It's important to know what can injure your eyes and how to avoid injury. It's also important to know what diseases and conditions to watch out for, if you're going to take care of your eyesight for your whole life. In this article, we're going to talk about common eye injuries and how to avoid them. We're also going to talk about common eye diseases and conditions.

Eye Injuries

You can injure your eyes in several ways. You can over expose them to ultra-violet light over a period of time. Or you can injure them by having something fall or fly into them. Either way, both of these scenarios can be serious.

You can prevent eyesight loss from ultra-violet light exposure by wearing sunglasses that filter out the UV rays from the sun. Also, wearing a hat with a brim is very helpful. This will prevent excess light from entering your eyes from above. Summer is not the only time you need sunglasses and a hat, by the way. A bright sunshiny day in the winter is just as destructive as a summer day-more so, if there's snow on the ground, because the snow reflects the light from the sky.

Anytime you're around anything that can get into your eyes, you need to be wearing protective goggles. You don't just need these when you're hammering wood. You also need these if you're doing anything with chemicals, even household chemicals like cleaning chemicals. As adults we tend to get a little careless about things like not wearing helmets when we ride bikes, or not wearing our protective goggles when doing anything with tools or with substances that could get in our eyes. We need to be good role models for our children, however. So, if you think you have enough hand/eye coordination to hammer a nail without wearing protective goggles, wear them anyway. Little eyes are watching and copying what you do, not what you say.

Eye Diseases

There are several eye diseases you need to be aware of. Cataracts are one. If you're diabetic, diabetic retinopathy is another. It's important to maintain your eye health. It's also important to find problems and correct them before they get out of hand. Having a regular eye exam as part of your overall health care is a splendid idea!

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