Five Natural Eye Care Tips

September 11, 2011

Solano Eye Specialists
Dr. Phuong Ho, OD of Solano Eye Specialists
Are you looking for natural eye care tips that work? Every year, millions of people are suffering from one eye discomfort to another, often the result of working long hours every single day. Maybe this is one drawback with the way our work life is changing, but that does not mean you are not entitled to better eye health.

Taking care of your eyes is important to do your job well. If you are a photographer, you definitely need to have a strong and healthy vision to capture images. If you work online, the more likely it is that you need to have good eyesight to read different data and information from the internet. With the digital lives that most of us are living, we cannot escape the fact that we simply need a pair of good eyes to help us get by.

And so to help you with your health concerns, here are some of the natural eye care tips to help you maintain good eyesight.

1. Eat healthy.

There are a lot of good food sources to help you maintain good eyesight. This includes fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. And let us not forget about the ever important antioxidants that are very helpful in keeping the cells of our eyes in great form. Vegetables that you should be eating regularly are spinach, lettuce, watercress, kale, arugula, broccoli, green and red bell peppers, turnip greens, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

You will also need a daily intake of foods rich in vitamin A if you want to take care of your eyes the responsible way. Also, this vitamin is good in improving your vision especially if you are already wearing prescribed pair of eyeglasses or have difficulty in seeing things at night.

2. Drink enough water.

Take eight to ten glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated. Do this regularly to maintain brighter and healthier eyes.

3. Get enough sleep.

You may have a different sleeping schedule as you work or study. But you should have enough time to rest your eyes. You may need more than 5 hours of snooze break to generally make your eyes function well. If you cannot have some time to rest in between work or study, then close your eyes for a minute or two. Do this so you can give your eyes a quick break. But of course, nothing beats getting enough sleep to really rest your eyes.

4. Always wear the right eyeglasses.

If you are always in front of the computer and or reading a book, it is best to wear reading eyeglasses to protect your eyes from getting tired right away. Also, if you need to go out during the day, wear high UV protected shades to keep your eyes from being exposed too much to the sun.

5. Have your eyes checked regularly.

This is necessary especially if you feel some discomfort or irritation in your eyes that have been persisting for weeks. Be sure to let the ophthalmologist examine your eyes completely and let him know some activities that might cause these possible eye problems. Visiting an eye doctor should be a part of any natural eye care regimen.

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