Eye Care - 4 Reasons To See A Professional

August 12, 2012

There are numerous reasons why you should see an eye care doctor or associate. Whether it's pain or vision problems, don't wait when it comes to your vision.

Many people really don't think about their vision until there's an issue. Even though most know it's good to get regular checkups, oftentimes, a visit is the result of a problem. Discover 4 common reasons people see an eye care professional.

You're in Pain

A major reason why many people visit a doctor is because of pain. If for some reason your eyes hurt or if you notice any abrasions or cuts, go to the doctor immediately. Even if you don't see anything, but still feel pain, be sure to visit your doctor because you could have some type of internal issue that's causing the problem.

Having Vision Problems

Vision problems are another reason to go to an eye care doctor. These issues can begin in childhood or as an adult. Many kids complain about not being able to see the chalkboard at school clearly. Usually, there's no pain or discomfort involved; their vision just isn't as sharp or crisp as it used to be. Often times, the child will need to go to an optometrist to get an exam and some glasses. For adults, vision problems usually involve reading things up close. For instance, you may begin to notice that you cannot read a book or paper without holding it away from you. If so, you may need reading glasses in order to see better, but you will need to see a doctor to really determine whether or not this is the case.

You Wear Contacts

If you have been wearing contact lenses for a while, you already know that it's necessary to see an doctor. That's because even though you can get a box of lenses in the mail, you'll still need to know you're prescription, which only a doctor can prescribe. Also, if for some reason you develop an infection or have pain or other discomfort because of your contacts, you will need to see a doctor immediately.

You Wear Glasses

In order to ensure you continue to enjoy the best vision possible from your glasses, you will need to see an eye care associate. Glasses not only need to have an accurate prescription, but you'll also need to ensure they fit your face properly. If you constantly have to push your glasses up on your nose or are worried they are going to fall off your face, then you'll need to have the frames tightened. Also, if you've scratched lenses and it's affecting your vision, you will also need to see an associate to have your lenses replaced.

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